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    Cycle 1404 for NavDataPro


    NavDataPro AIRAC Cycle 1404 is now available.
    Users are now able to download and install the latest datasets for the various flight sim addons NavDataPro provides navigational data for Flight Simulator P3D and X-Plane add-ons using FMC or GPS data for flights. The Data itself by Lufthansa Systems and  used  by more than 180 airlines


    Single and multiple update versions are available


    The following add-ons are supported by NavDataPro:


    • Aerosoft AirbusX Extended/Standard (FSX; Prepar3D)
    • FlightSim Commander (FSX; Prepar3D)
    • FS Navigator (FS2004)
    • aeroSystem 737 Avionics
    • AivlaSoft Electronic Flight Bag
    • CaptainSim 757/767 (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Eurowings Professional (FS2004)
    • EADT KLN 90B (X-Plane)
    • Eaglesoft Cessna Citation (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Flight1 ATR 72, BN2-Islander, C182T, Fokker, Mustang, Super 80 Professional (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • FSBuild 2.4
    • FsXPand - Flyware (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • iFly Boeing 737 (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Integrated Simavionics (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • JRollon Planes CRJ200 (X-Plane)
    • Level-D 767 (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • PMDG alle Produkte (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Pointsoft PRO-ATC/X
    • Prosim 737
    • PSS Boeing 777; A330; A340 (FS2004)
    • QualityWings 757 (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • QualityWings Jumbolino (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Sim-Avionics Flightdeck Avionics
    • TuneVNAV Descent Pro3
    • vasFMC
    • X-FMC (X-Plane)
    • Wilco/Feelthere 737/777 Airbus, Citation X, Embraer E-Jets v.2, Legacy (FSX; Prepar3D; FS2004)
    • Ideal Flight 10
    • AivlaSoft Electronic Flight (FSX; Prepar3D)
    • 777 Worldliner Professional/Extended (X-Plane)
    • Boeing 757 Professional (X-Plane)
    • JARDesign A320neo (X-Plane)
    • JeeHellWare
    • FJCC Universal FMC (X-Plane)
    •SSG B748-i
    •Global ATC
    •Simcheck A300 FMC (FSX)
    •EFASS - Electronic Flight Assistant

    Download and further information available from the NavDataPro Product Page.

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