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    Early Years of Flight & Around The World in 80 Flights


    The Early Years of Flight & Around The World in 80 Flights From First Class Simulations.


    Relive the golden age of aviation when a hardy band of adventureres first took to the skies in direct defiance of gravity, this collection of early aircraft features five machines that smashed records and finally allowed mankind to break the bonds holding us to the earth.


    •Wright Flyer Model B

    •Santos-Dumont 14-bis

    •Handley Page E

    •Bleriot XI Monoplane

    •Goliescu Avioplan



    Around The World in 80 Flights


    Circumnavigate the globe, heading east from the historic Farnborough airfield in the UK, on an epic 80 leg journey around the world the entire trip in a stunning recreation of the 1937 Lockheed Electra 10E.


    Fly the Alps and Pyrenees before facing the challenge of the mighty Himalayans. Explore the Far East and Australia. Blaze a trail from the frozen north to tropical Africa. Conquer the lonely Pacific, leapfrogging across a series of islands as you make your way to the USA.


    Make landfall and catch your breath before flying over some of the most stunning scenery in the world as you head across the vast expanse of the USA to the Caribbean before venturing a trans-Atlantic crossing back to Farnborough.


    Each of the 80 flight legs can be flown as individual or consecutive missions and are comprehensively detailed with a flight plan, pilot notes, full briefing and a guide to many of the wonders of the world that pass beneath your wings. From man-made wonders such as the Great Pyramids and the Golden Gate Bridge, to natural wonders such as Mount Kilimanjaro, the Sahara Desert, the Indonesian Archipelago and the Grand Canyon, the entire route has been carefully chosen to showcase the breathtaking beauty of the planet.



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