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  • Earth Simulations Isle of Man


    The Isle of Man is a beautiful unspoilt British Island situated halfway between Northern Ireland and Southern Scotland, in the middle of the Irish Sea. It is 572 square miles in size and has Mount Snaefell standing 2034ft, from which on a clear day you can see Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.




    •12 GB of Scenery .

    •Glorious 30cm per pixel Photographic Scenery.

    •Seasonal Textures and Night Lighting.

    •Intricately detailed 1.2 m post hand edited enhanced terrain, looks especially impressive at coastal cliffs.

    •Full accurate coverage of New Improved Earth Simulations Advanced Autogen.

    •Full coverage of ES’s unique environmental Soundscapes.

    •Realistically scaled, and hugely varied Trees and buildings modeled in local character.

    •Thousands of unique objects ensure ES scenery is NEVER boring and repetitive.

    •Many animations for you to find including Animals/ Bird life/ Marine life, Working machinery, Road Traffic, Shipping and Boat traffic, Special effects…and more…making the Isle of Man the closest thing yet to a living world in Flight Simulation.

    •Extreme detailed EGNS Ronaldsway Airport, including:

    •Detailed ground polys and markings.

    •All buildings modeled accurately and using ES shadow lighting techniques.

    •3D signs and lighting for terminal area, taxi ways and runways working windsock etc…

    •Lots of small detail, realistic grass, airport clutter, animations.

    •Jurby and Andreas Airfields modeled, also Mount Rule grass strip and eleven real world helicopter pads to find or start flight from.

    •Tons and tons of bespoke modelling make the Isle of Man towns instantly recognizable.


    Visit the Isle of Man Product Page for more information.

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