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    Engravity CDU Interface


    PollyPot Software released the Engravity CDU PMDG Interface for Engravity CDU hardware (737 or 747) with the PMDG NGX running in FSX, FSX SE or Prepar3D.

    The Engravity CDU PMDG Interface has the following features:
    A CDU unit can display the aircrafts chosen CDU screen.
    Send CDU unit key presses into the aircraft.
    Light up the various warning lights on the CDU unit.
    A CDU unit will power up and power down according to the aircrafts CDU power state.
    A CDU unit can be configured for either Left or Right use.
    Can interface up to two CDU units simultaneously allowing both the Left and Right CDU's to be used.
    747 CDU units can be configured to emulate a 737 unit so the units keys physically match the 737 layout.
    CDU screen text styles can be customised (subject to CDU capabilities).
    PMDG 77X and PMDG 747 v2 support will be added if and when PMDG add CDU support to the relevant SDK's.

    Visit the pollypotsoftware Homepage for further information.

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