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    F-4F Phantom Ultimate Edition


    The F-4F Phantom is an advanced version of a multi role fighter aircraft that flew for the first time in 1958. It is still in service today but will be replaced by the Eurofighter in 2012.


    The most modern version of this famous aircraft and used it as the basis for this virtual version. The exterior model is highly detailed and the virtual cockpit is completely animated and several variants are ready for takeoff in both FS2004 and FSX. Numerous other small details round off this aircraft.


    Details include:


    Detailed exterior & interior models including fully animated virtual cockpit

    High resolution textures with reflective surfaces

    Comprehensive light effects (i.e nav and landing lights)

    Numerous animations (loading hatch, entrance, retractable undercarriage with shock absorber animation)

    Realistic flight dynamics

    Formation flying model with three F-4F Phantoms

    Arrestor hook animation

    Fully functioning autopilot

    Functional navigation avionics

    Engine animations with afterburners

    Visit the F-4F Phantom Product Page for further details.

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