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    FeelThere Announces Upcoming Tracon! 2012


    Flight Simulator developer FeelThere announces it’s upcoming “Tracon! 2012” a radar approach – departure simulation.


    Tracon! 2012 is part of the Air Traffic Controller Suite (ATC Suite) a new generation Air Traffic Control single- and multiplayer simulation.

    Your task is to guide the airplanes to and from the airports by maintaining safe separation between them.


    Highlights of the product:

    -3 Tracon sectors

    -Full compatibility with Tower! 2011

    -Single and multiplayer modes (both included)

    -Speech recognition technology (provided by the Microsoft Speech SDK)

    -Tracon and airplane editors are included. Create new Tracons, schedules and airplanes using the same editors used by the developer team


    With it’s complex command structure, advanced AI and Speech Recognition the simulation will take you to the edge to experience the thrill of the life of an air traffic controller. For more the ATC Suite Homepage will provide all the necessary information about this upcoming simulation.

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