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  • Fenix A320 for MSFS -- released

    Bob Scott

    Fenixsim has released their much-anticipated high-fidelity Airbus 320 base package add-on for MSFS.  The base package models the A320 with CFM56 engines--free updates for the IAE engines and a sharklet variant are planned.

    Details and purchase info at https://fenixsim.com/


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    Fenix A320 is my latest Airbus.  I was very excited about it until I tried to get my TM TCA quadrant thrust levers to work : (  I have the full quadrant with both add-on on each side (gear, flaps, speed brake etc).  I've gone in the MCDU to calibrate the trust levers and it just shows 0% when I move them into each requested detent.  When I move the levers, I hear and see the N1 gauges go up and then back down, but the levers in the cockpit do not move.  I've tried MSFS's control options making sure there are no keyboard, mouse or stick power management options clicked--only the quadrant.  Any ideas on how to get my physical thrust levers to move the sim's levers?  I put in a support ticket, but I just can't wait anymore lol.

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    Posted (edited)

    LOVE IT !

    Already my preferred addon for MFS, closely followed by the FBW A32N and the PMDG 737-700 🙂, oh, and the Kodiak too ...

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    It's a very nice Study-level Add-on.
    However, I think it needs some improvements:
    1/ A remote tablet capability for the MCDU (like it is with the FBW A320 Neo), as preparing a flight in VR, with the mouse,  is a pain in the... neck. :-)
    2/ Differently shaped arrows for :
    - rotating the (Heading/ Altitude/Speed/ Vertical speed) A/P knobs
    - pushing/pulling  the related knob.
    At the moment we only have 'up'/'down' arrows for both functions, which is very confusing, especially in VR.
    I would suggest circular arrows for increasing/decreasing the value and up/down arrows to pushing/puling the related A/P button.

    Sorry for my english, which is not my native language.

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