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    FireFighter X For FSX and P3D


    Tired of repetitive, pre-scripted fire bombing missions? Meet FireFighter X. This addon application is not mission-based, but instead it puts you in a completely dynamic environment, where fires live and grow, are aware of weather and precipitation, generate updrafts and general mayhem. And you can test your skills at actually putting them out too!
    Spawn fires at random or in any specific place you like.

    Watch them grow and multiply - detailed simulation of wildfire behaviour, taking wind and precipitation effects into account.
    Jump into your water bomber and do something about it! Detailed simulation of the retardant drop with visual effect - and it accurately extinguishes the fires depending on altitude, distance and retardant effectiveness.

    Use any plane in your FS hangar to fight the fires. FireFighter X will detect the payload stations and load up the retardant/water automatically. Just make sure you do not overload your aircraft!
    Fight the nasty updrafts over the fires.
    Keep your distance – fly too low and suffer the consequences.
    Refill your tanks at the airport.
    Scoop water from water bodies near you.
    Control the effects of weight shift when dropping water or retardant from your airplane.

    Visit the FireFighter X Homepage for further information.

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