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  • Flight Control Replay Pro Edition v3.5


    Thanks to User feedback FlightControlReplay Professional announce the new v3.5 Summer Update, one of the most complete flight recording software that permits users to record and play flight situation and a lot of useful things. This v3.5 Summer Update includes the last version of SimFramework internal engine added FREE for all customers: 

    - New optimized algorithm for PlayASAI feature and standard Replay that increase performance. 

    - Bugfixes (Google Earth KML altitude missing , etc etc). 


    This video shows how it is very funny fly in formation with the same Recorded Flight with two instance of FCR . One with standard Load replay and other instance with the same Recorded Flight loaded via PlayASAI feature.

    You are able also to flight in real time formation , using your user aircraft (with you as Pilot) and one Recorded Flight loaded as PlayASAI in FCR .

    After that release ,  FlightControlReplay v4 (expected in Autumn 2017).

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