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    Flight Control Replay Professional Edition (P3D v2 v3/FSX)


    Flight Control Replay Professional Edition is a software that it permits to record and play flight situation

    This new version Professional v3 have very useful features . Record FrameRate customizable, Start Record via custom User Altitude trigger.

    Voice Command Recognition feature that it allows to speech commands to Flight Control Replay . Voice recording feature that it allows to record also your voice .

    When you play a flight situation previously recorded you can choose if play only flight situation or flight situation synchronized with your recorded voice.

    Flight Control Replay main Features are:

    - Customizable Record FrameRate (FPS). User can now choose at which FrameRate want record flight situation. FPS allowed are from 0 to 99. ( NEW!)

    - Custom Altitude Trigger Value for Start Recording. User can choose at which Altitude (Above or Below) the system can start record flight. ( NEW!)

    - Voice Command Recognition for all record and play features of FCR. Now you can speak to software and it records, play, go forward and go backward according with your voice command. (NEW!)

    - Record a flight situation and also your voice during flight. ( NEW!)

    Flight Control Replay Product Page

    This addon is available exclusively via SIMMARKET

    FOR COMMERCIAL USE PLEASE CONTACT flightonfly@gmail.com


    · All kind of Multicore CPUs
    · Windows Vista 32 / Vista 64 / Win7 (32 bit / 64bit)
    · Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (or higher)

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