• Flight Control Replay v3.5


    Thanks to User feedback the new FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 is now ready for release , among the most complete flight recording software available  that permits to record and play flight situation and a lot of useful things. This v3.5 version includes the last version of SimFramework internal engine that adds a lot of useful features including full compatibility with P3D v4

    New Flight Control Replay v3.5 is here! New features implemented in this new version are: 

    Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V4 full Compatibility


     PlayAsAI(Plasy as Traffic) . User can choose and play his preferred Recorded Flight as AITraffic. You have all options available that you already have in standard playing mode,  change simulation rate onthefly or use User Interface Yellow Slider for choose exactly where your AI Traffic can start his flight.  You can manage more than one recorded flight as AI Traffic using more than one instance of FCR addon at the same time. NEW with v3.5


    PlayMode Simulation Rate. User can modify SimulationRate (during the PlayMode) using 4 buttons in main User Interface (2x,4x,Slow and Fast). This permits for example to compose a video or analyze in a better way a flight. NEW with v3.5


    Multi Instances. Thanks to the system architecture renewed now you can manage more than one instance of FCR at the same time. NEW with v3.5



    Flight Control Replay Professional bring a new way to record and play flight situation with a lot of other features like Voice recognition, Hardware button support, Xbox One Controller support , third party aircraft support, trigger support, time slider support and so on


    Flight Control Replay others main Features are:


    -  Record and Playing a lot of airplane variables:

    • Plane Latitude

    • Plane Longitude

    • Plane Altitude

    • Plane Pitch Degrees

    • Plane Bank Degrees

    • Plane Heading Degrees True

    • Flaps

    • Gear

    • Brake Position

    • Engines Throttle Position

    • Fuel Tanks Level

    • World reference position

    • Airspeed

    • Ground Altitude on instruments

    • Sim On Ground

    • Smoke Effects

    • Main Exit effects (Opening/Closing)

    • INNER Marker, Outer Marker, Middle Marker 


    • Concorde Visor Nose Handle 



    • PROP RPM 


     • GENERAL ENG Starter 



    • ENGINE N1 

    • ENGINE N2 



      Export recorded Flight situation for view it in Google Earth 3D and Google Maps 2D.

       User can choose sample rate for record a flight (6 times per second , 1 time per second, Custom Visual Frame per second, every 4 seconds and Automatic ).

      Custom Altitude Trigger Value for Start Recording. User can choose at which Altitude (Above or Below) the system can start record flight.

      Voice Command Recognition for all record and play features of FCR. Now you can speak to software and it records, play, go forward and go backward according with your voice command.

      Record a flight situation and also your voice during flight.

      Enable / Disable Voice recognition directly with a button in main User interface.

      PREPAR3D or Flight simulator X Connection

      Record a flight info with unlimited length (Aircraft model , position, heading, bank etcetc).

      XBOX ONE S CONTROLLER support for move timeline slider and / or map buttons for        Play / Record / Stop / Pause features. (NEW!)

      Play / Pause saved Recorded flight in original Flight Situation (if available).

    Fast forward backward play.

    Start flight from an entry point of a recorded flight that user can define.

    Zoom In and Zoom Out flight simulator point of view from FCR client.

     User can change camera view from FCR client.

     Stop playback at any position to continue manually with FCR yellow slider.

    Show time stamp inside Flight simulator during play.

    User can define an hardware shortcut for start / stop recording, start / stop playing and forward and backward (this is useful if users use full screen FlightSim option)

     User can choose custom file path where FCR put file with flight recorded (.FCR and all Flight Simulator files attached)

    XBOX ONE S CONTROLLER support for move timeline slider and / or map buttons for Play / Record / Stop / Pause features. (NEW!)


    This addon is available  via  SIMMARKET 

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL


    User Feedback

    I want add that FCR v3.5 it is EzDok v2 compatible. I ll test ChasePlane also soon


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    Does it work with PMDG aircrafts on P3D V4? Or are all the instruments / lights dark on replay mode?


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    Hi ! pmdg aircraft are supported with flaps gears and elevator. For instruments are not dark. Standard instruments like engine rpm, altimeter, altitude indicator for example works. I m including in next free (for all customers) release official support pmdg with the use of official SDK


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    Looks great, can you tell me if airports/scenery that use SODE display the SODE specific objects during playback?  Also, do any FSDT airports stay visible during playback?  (in P3D V4)

    Cheers, Rob.


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