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    Flight Data Recorder For iPhone / iPad


    The Flight Data Recorder can be used to track flights/trips in real life, and analyze performance afterwards on your computer using the Instructor Station for FS9/FSX/Prepar3D/XPlane.

    What is it?
    Flight Data Recorder (FDR) is an iPhone / iPad utility application for 'recording' your own data. As its name suggests, it mimics what an aircraft "black box" does, by recording position, altitude and attitude data, along with cockpit voice (cockpit voice recorder, CVR), such that complete information for a flight can be stored. A CVR records the conversation in the cockpit, and radio communications between the crew and air traffic control (ATC), as well as other ambient sounds (cockpit warnings, etc.).

    What can I do with it?
    The data generated by FDR can be imported into the Instructor Station program, and Google Earth 3D files (kml) can be exported, data plotted, PDF reports generated, etc.

    The Instructor Station will playback any portion of your flight in Google Earth, with simultaneous audio feed, to provide the ULTIMATE flight re-living experience!

    Ever felt lost after an ATC instruction and wished you could hear it again? In flight, the FDR can also be used as a means to playback a past ATC transmission (Digital ATC Recorder feature), just like the Garmin G1000 can do.

    Visit the Product Page for further information

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