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    Flight Sim Replica's Super Cub

    Tom Allensworth

    Michael Flahault at Flight Replicas today let us know that they have released the Super Cub. Here's what Michael had to say; "Flight Replicas is pleased to announce the release of the Super Cub Ultra for FSX,the highest-performing wing and engine combination yet developed for the famous Super Cub.   Are you ready to deliver desperately needed supplies to the hardest-to-get-to remote communities and camps? Feel like spending the weekend camping and hiking in the wilderness, in any season, or just pitching your tent at an airshow? Ready to show your passengers the sights as they've never seen them before? Or perhaps you just want to practice your ultra-precise STOL maneuvers? Then this aircraft is for you.  The package features top-of-the-line flight dynamics by Bernt Stolle, and includes cargo and passenger versions. The package also features camping gear, cargo, engine and window covers, pre-heater, and tie-downs.  For more information, please go to http://www.flight-replicas.com/SuperCubUltrapkg.htm"

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