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  • Flight1 GTN Complete Edition Released


    Flight One Software is proud to announce the release of the Flight1 GTN Complete Edition.  The GTN Complete Edition includes several products in one. You get BOTH the GTN 650 and 750 avionics that used to be sold separately, in one package. This new version includes updates allow the avionics package to work with FSX/FSX Steam, Prepar3D v3 and the newly released Prepar3D v4.


    The Flight1 GTN series 750 and 650 gauges feature fully integrated GPS, NAV, COM, and MFD functions for all your General Aviation aircraft needs. The large screen and intuitive graphical touch screen interface give you quick and easy access to terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, charts, traffic display and much more to your favorite add-on aircraft.


    The GTN Avionics Series is a step above other avionics packages out there, in that it doesn't use FSX/P3D internal processes to hinder simulation performance. All avionics data structures, calculations, and processes are done on its own using external processes that are separate from the sim. This allows your simulation experience to run smoother and have minimal frame rate or VAS impact overall.


    The GTN Complete avionics suite includes high-resolution moving map display with full data integration.  The simulated touch-and-drag interface allows you to interact with the system, graphically edit flight plans, and much more using your mouse cursor or a touch-screen monitor. Users will experience smooth frame rate performance while accessing SafeTaxi and FlightChart features that allow you to view detailed airport and terminal procedure charts within the user interface of the avionics. Full WAAS Approach support, TCAS/TAWS system, Airways display, and many more features are included with this package.


    Previous GTN 750 and 650 customers will have the option of upgrading to GTN Complete for free or with a small upgrade fee depending on what GTN 750 and 650 avionics packages they have previously purchased.  More information and coupons are available on the product download page.


    For more information, screenshots, and to purchase the GTN Complete Package for Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, or Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d v3 and V4, point your browser  Here and download this awesome avionics package today!

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