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    Flight1 Releases AirWrench


    Flight One Software, in cooperation with Mudpond Development, are proud to announce the release of AirWrench for Microsoft Flight Simulator!


    AirWrench is a user-friendly software tool for creating flight dynamics for Microsoft Flight Simulator. AirWrench is not a machine code oriented editor designed to modify one AIR file coefficient at a time. It uses the physical dimensions and performance specifications of the actual aircraft to generate all of the AIR file coefficients at once to create a realistic flight model from the ground up.

    The code and logic in AirWrench are derived from the same real world aerodynamics principles and equations that Microsoft Flight Simulator uses. This allows it to calculate aerodynamic coefficients based on the real aircraft's physical characteristics and performance to create realistic flight models for CFS2, CFS3, FS2002, FS2004, or FSX.

    Here are just some of the things that can be done with AirWrench:


    • Easy-to-use Multi-tab Interface with visual reference to Data Sets
    • Control Slider Interface for Precise Adjustments
    • Create and Edit Flight Dynamics of FS Aircraft
    • Analyze Flight Dynamic Parameters Contained within .air files
    • Control Surface Estimation (For Stability and Control Parameters)
    • Engine Parameter Setup for Piston, Jet and Turboprop engines
    • Flight Dynamic Rates for Roll, Climb, and Turn Rates (Aileron Performance Adjustments)
    • Control Tuning (Flight Model Feel and Performance Adjustments)
    • Flap, Spoiler, Landing Gear and Brake Configuration
    • Plus Much More


    A full detailed user guide is also included so you can begin creating your own flight models for aircraft right away. For more information on features, screenshots Visit The AirWrench Product Page .

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