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    FlightMap version 1.6.1 released


    FlightMap is a useful navigation utility and moving map for Flight Simulator X. FlightMap provides second screen functionality plotting your simulated location on top of Google Maps as you fly in real time. It also displays important navigational information like airspeed, altitude, and direction while you fly.

    FlightMap includes automatic support for FSX Flight Plans. Just load a flight plan in Flight Simulator and it shows up in the GPS function of FlightMap automatically.

    FlightMap also has support for on the fly flight plans not linked with Flight Simulator. Just enter the "PLN" mode and long press to add a waypoint. You can then go back to "NAV" mode to fly your route. FlightMap will automatically advance to the next waypoint when you get within 1 NM of the active waypoint. To help with navigation FlightMap has a database of over 500 large airports that can be overlaid on the map view and can easily be added to an on the fly flight plan just by pressing it.

    FlightMap is currently available for 10 inch Android 4.0 or above tablets  on the Google Play Store.

    There is a free fully functional trial version available on the play store as well. The trial version will work for 5 minutes and then stop receiving updates from the server.

    More information about FlightMap can be found on the FlightMap Forum.


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