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    France VFR Autogen Global X


    France VFR with partners from the Freeware and Commercial world provides a new and free tool that allows you to set your autogen descriptions without requiering to re-install your addons.
    These autogen descriptions files was until now overwritten (sometimes with backup) by the last installed scenery causing problems with the others autogen sceneries.

    The new AGX (Autogen Global X) contains in only one set of descriptions files all the required définitions for many editor's sceneries that can now work together and at the same time.
    Autogen Global X is very easy to download and install (only a few seconds) and backup your FSX environment before each installation process.

    Here is the list of all the actual editors contributing :

    French unified Freeware - Autogen available on F-BMPL (Gropied, Vogel, DomSimu, GPF, Filipo)

    Occitania - from revision 7.0

    Flugwerk Design - Austria Pro HD

    29Palms - MykonosX

    29Palms - SkiathosX

    Flylogic - All FSX products

    Fly Tampa - All FSX products

    Simulation Data - All FSX products

    France VFR - All FSX products

    3D Automation - All FSX products

    AutogenFactory - All FSX products

    Visit the Autogen Global X Homepage for further details

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