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    FS Calc Module For FS Kneeboard 2


    FS Calc has released a module for FS Kneeboard 2. This module is an in-app purchase inside of FS Kneeboard 2 that will unlock an FS Calc tab and allow you to use FS Calc without having to exit FS Kneeboard 2 .

    The FS Calc module is same thing available in the FS Calc stand-alone app, aside from one difference (highlighted below). It will be continually updated with new aircraft profiles alongside the stand-alone version of FS Calc as well.

    The only major difference between the stand-alone version of FS Calc and the FS Kneeboard 2 module is that the FS Kneeboard 2 module will be a single, one-time, purchase.


    If you own FS Calc, you will know that the app comes with the 737-NG profiles for free, with additional aircraft profiles cost available. With the FS Kneeboard 2 module, you buy the module and that's it You get all 12 the current profiles as well as all future aircraft profiles for no additional cost.


    The module will be priced at 20% off ending Oct 19th.




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