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  • FS Global Real Weather


    Introducing: FS Global Real Weather for FS 2004 (FS9), FSX, ESP and Prepar3D.
    It is easy to use and has some special WORLDWIDE features:

    1) Smoothed winds and pressures on any occasion (no jumps!)
    2) Accurate cloud types (introducing the stratus cloud)
    3) Accurate clouds over oceans (even FS2004!)
    4) Local Weather Effects
    5) Network support
    6) Flightplanner with weatherreports
    7) Correct ATC and AI traffic
    8) Accurate CAT and in cloud turbulence
    9) Accurate Upper and Lower Air Winds
    10) Historic weather

    And much more ....

    This all comes from 24000+ real world weather stations, which are called by the servers at least every 15min for updates.

    There is an evaluation version with IN GAME PRUCHASE available. Download it, install it, set it up to your needs (maybe read the manual!). If you like it, purchase in the game and just unlock it with your received serialkey, no need for reinstall or any other download!
    Get it from here

    More info on the New Release

    Some reviews can be found Here

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