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    FS Instant Approach PRO for X-Plane 10


    FSInventions has announced the release of FS Instant Approach PRO for X-Plane 10
    Set up an approach in seconds! Put yourself on approach to any runway in the world in about the time it takes to read this sentence. Offers several different types of approaches - fly straight in on final, or intersect final from any angle you choose, or set up on the 'Downwind Leg' of a left or right traffic pattern. Your choice.
    Try an approach to a random airport - travel the world in seconds as you let the program select random airports for you to approach. Fly only the ones you want and browse through hundreds in minutes. Filter by geographical region, elevation, runway length and more... 
    FS Instant Approach PRO introduces a host of new features for X-Plane 10 that can set up varied and challenging approaches in just seconds!

    Set up an approach which intersects your final approach, from the left or the right, from any angle you choose.

    Begin your approach at the start of the 'Downwind' leg of the traffic pattern at any runway. Fly left or right traffic - the choice is yours! Starting altitude and length of base leg is automatically set or you can choose your own.

    The Flight Plan screen includes a diagram showing which approach types are available to set up with FS Instant Approach PRO at your selected runway.

    Optionally set the specific altitude of your approach using MSL or now AAL (Above Airfield Level). Useful to quickly set 'pattern altitude'.

    Filter random airport selection by runway surface. How about landing on dirt today?! Grass tomorrow?

    You choose how long your approach will be and the program sets an appropriate position and altitude.

    Filter random airport selection by partial ICAO code if you want to stay within a certian area.

    Filter random airport selection by runway length to practice short fields or make sure you have room for that airliner!

    Filter random airport selection by runway elevation for challenges way up in the mountains.

    To find out more, watch movies, download a free demo, etc, visit the FS Instant Approach PRO for X-Plane 10 Website .

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