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    FS2 Crew Version 1.2 Released


    FS2 Crew's Bryan York this morning made the following announcement:


    Version 1.2 for the PMDG 737 NGX version of FS2Crew is now Available!


    This is a significant update and everyone should install it.



    Change Log:



    Both Versions (Button and Voice)


    1. If the PMDG NGX SDK does not initialize properly, you will now get an audio and visual warning. If the SDK does not initialize properly, FS2Crew will not function properly. The FO will not be able to read data out of the aircraft properly. Things that can often cause the NGX SDK not to initialize properly: 'Resetting' your flight, sometimes not loading the 2D cockpit first before switching to the VC, sometimes using saved situation files. It seems to vary from user to user. These issues appear to be linked to issues with Simconnect itself.

    2. Pause sync issue fixed.

    3. Erratic volume levels fixed.

    4. Volume of US voice set increased.

    5. FO will no longer set both your altimeters during his pre-flight flow. You need to set the Capt's altimeter, and that will automatically update the FO's altimeter since they should be synced.


    Specific to the Button Control Version:


    1. 'Open Doors' PA fixed. Forward Left Cabin Door will now open.

    2. Bleeds Off Takeoff 'Closed' Response for the Isolation Valve challenge in the Before Taxi Checklist now available.


    Specific to the Voice Control Version:


    1. 'Thanks' FA response should now play in the appropriate sound channel after she delivers drinks to the flight deck.

    2. Calling for the Takeoff Flaps during cold wx procedures fixed.

    3. EAI / WAI and Packs commands now also available while on the ground.

    4. Manual updated. Correct phrase for cold wx procedures is: "Leave the flaps up for taxi", not just "Leave the flaps up".

    5. "V2 XXX" trigger for Takeoff Speeds in the Before Start Checklist fixed.

    6. Approach Checklist tightened to ensure that "Approach Checklist" complete isn't triggered by accident.

    7. Shutdown Engine 1 and 2 voice commands fixed.

    8. Both fuel levers must now be in idle before the FO will start his Before Taxi flow.


    How to Install:


    1. Version 1.2 is built into the FS2Crew Main installer. There is no separate updater file. (One would be pointless as every single file was changed!)


    2. You need to login to your FS2Crew Account and click "Completed Orders". You will need to re-download the product again.


    3. You do not need to uninstall FS2Crew NGX first, but if you experience any weird issues it might be a good idea to uninstall FS2Crew NGX first.


    4. If you haven't already installed SP1c from PMDG, please do so:


    Note: If you already have SP1c, you do not need to re-install it (unless you experience a problem).



    Links for SP1c from PMDG:



    Download the PMDG 737NGX 8900 SP1c Update


    Download the PMDG 737NGX 6700 Expansion SP1c Update


    For more information on this release, please visit FS2Crew's forums.

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