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    FS2Crew NGX Reboot


    PMDG 737 NGX drivers please note, FS2Crew has just released its brand new NGX Reboot airline crew simulation designed specifically for the PMDG 737 NGX.

    Says FS2Crew developer, Bryan York, "NGX Reboot is the most realistic FS2Crew we've ever done, bar none. It's by far the biggest and most complex project we've ever undertaken. We worked with three current 737 pilots this time to bring our users three different and unique airline SOP sets in a single package. Usually we only include one SOP set. This time we've got three."

    NGX Reboot is not just an update for the old legacy FS2Crew NGX product that makes it compatible with Steam FSX, MS FSX and Prepar 3D.

    Rather, it was completely re-engineered from scratch to bring the PMDG 737 NGX up to the latest FS2Crew standards.

    It's a very different product from the old legacy version. It's a brand new product.

    Says Bryan again, "Some people asked me why we re-visited the PMDG 737. I replied, 'In our estimation, the PMDG NGX is probably the most popular and actively used FS add-on plane in existence, even today, over three years after it was released. We can't ignore that. And I personally really like the 737. Like many of you, I grew up around that plane'".

    NGX Reboot Product Features:

    3 New Airline SOP sets designed by 3 different real-world 737 pilots
    4 New Voice Sets (US, UK, EU, AU)
    Over 3500 new sound files.
    Support for Steam FSX and Prepar 3D.
    Brand new User Interface
    Cabin PAs
    Ground Crew Interaction
    Button Control and Voice Control
    Multiple 737 specific procedures ranging from Single Engine Taxi's (a brand new feature for FS2Crew) to Bleeds Off Takeoffs.
    Emergency NGX functionality will be included for free in a later update.

    To download, please taxi to: NGX Reboot Homepage 

    Coupon Code for any current FS2Crew Owner: REBOOT5

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