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    FS2Crew PMDG 777 737 For P3D V4


    Attention P3D V4 users, FS2Crew 737 NGX Reboot and FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 are now available for P3D Version 4.

    Without a doubt, 64 computing is the future of flight simulation, and with FS2Crew you can now fly in a professional, multi crew environment in a 64 bit environment using your favorite PMDG aircraft using Voice or Button Control!  

    For more information, please taxi to the FS2Crew Homepage.

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL


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    User Feedback

    While this is a great product, l do need to ask a "why" question.  How much work was actually involved in the transferring over to the P3D v4 platform from P3D V3 as this is one of the only add-on products charging almost full price for the upgrade. Is this a brand new fully upgraded product?

    As one person put it so well, are we buying a whole new washing machine, or just an adapter plug to make our washing machine compatible with a new power supply. And if it's only an adapter plug, why are we paying almost the full price of a washing machine for that adapter plug.  FSX to P3D was a new washing machine as is transferring to X-plane from P3D or FSX, or even X-Plane 10 to 11.   And as LM built a 64bit version of P3D from a 32 Bit, added significant upgrades, they too are a offering a new washing machine but allowed many parts (our current add-ons) to still be functional will minor changes (a great move by LM and much appreciated by the FlightSim community).  And the result is most companies have found making their current P3D products workable with P3Dv4 is just the adapter plug and nothing more.

    Intergrity of companies is highly important to our Flight Sim community.  If a company was to take advantage of it's customer base, then that company will loose those customers, and rightly so.  And so a company's honesty, integrity and loyalty to  it's customers will be measured with the price being charged for this adapter plug.

    Orbx, Taxi2Gate!, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam, UK 2000, Drwez... , Carenado, Milviz, and so it goes on and on and on are offering free upgrades to loyal customers (too generous really, but they have shown their commitment to the future of our community as a result). Some Companies are asking a small amount to cover their work and time which is completely fair, esp when some are small and can't just afford to give away this adapter plug.

    As time goes on, companies will make new versions of their current products to take full advantage of P3Dv4. These will be the new washing machines as such, but until then, any company trying to sell a adapter plug for almost the full price of a new washing machine, well that needs to be highly questioned.

    So has FSCrew undertaken a full rebuild of their prduct range adding many new features, thus justifying only a 12% discount, a great achievement in such a short time if true. Or am l really just buying an adapter plug.  To support a company and buy their product,  l want to be sure that that company is being fair and honest with me as the customer, and in return they earn my respect and gain purchases.

    So l guess l ask my original question again, is the FSCrew undate an adapter plug, or is it a brand new full on washing machine,  becuse at present, it looks like nothing more than an adapter plug that costs almost as much as a brand new washing machine.

    l and other FlightSim community look forward to the answer as l would hate to think that FSCrew is trying to take advantage of us.

    Thank you




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    This is getting ridiculous,

    Original Fs2crew 737 (Full price)

    Fs2crew 737 Reboot (Almost full price)

    Fs2crew 737 64bit (almost full price)

    How many times I should keep buying this product?

    I'm going to pass this time!!!!!!


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    As "ravemtech" comment and if we consider the time from now and when NGX for V4 was released I will say yes. I belive this is just a new adapter plug to our already pretty new washing machine. 

    After 13 previous purchased products/updates with the total of cost of almost 300 EUR I have decided to pass this update.

    And yes, there is other alternatives out there.


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    Sorry, I will dump FS2Crew. I would have paid some sort of upgrade fee - but not THIS one. 

    They lost a customer for now. And for the future.



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