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    FS2CREW Update Airbus Edition Version 2.3


    FS2CREW Update Airbus Edition Version 2.3 has just been released! The update is built into the Main Installer only. Version 2.3 includes FREE P3D V3 support and bug fixes.

    The P3D V3 install option is available in the FS2Crew installer. DO NOT TRY MIGRATING FS2CREW INTO P3D V3 EITHER MANUALLY OR VIA A MIGRATOR TOOL! You must use the official FS2Crew installers.This product supports, for free, the Aerosoft Airbus Serieas A318 and A319 models in addition to the A320 and A321.


    What is FS2Crew for the Aerosoft Airbus Series? This product is a dedicated flight crew expansion pack for owners of the Aerosoft Airbus Series. Button and Voice Control versions are available. It is intended for users who want to simulate airline style flying in their Airbus in a more realistic way using actual multi crew procedures.


    For more info, please taxi to the FS2CREW Homepage 

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