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    FS2Crew Voice Control For Airbus X


    Aerosoft Airbus X drivers please note, FS2Crew has just released its new "Voice Control" product designed just for the Airbus X.

    The Aerosoft Airbus X "Voice Control" version of FS2Crew represents the culmination of years of experience in the Voice Control field, and it's the best FS2Crew yet and on par with the PMDG NGX version.

    Says Bryan York of FS2Crew, "This product is a highly realistic simulation of Airbus flight crew procedures from the vantage point of the Captain/Pilot Flying.  The procedures come direct from the Airbus FCOMs.  If you're serious about the Airbus, and you want to make your Airbus experience deeper, more immersive, more realistic, more entertaining, then FS2Crew's new Airbus product is what you've been waiting for.  The product ships out of the box with three voice sets:  United States, UK and Eurozone.  The Eurozone FO voice is a real-world German Airbus pilot".

    Please taxi to FS2Crew for more information.

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