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    FSCaptain V 1.5 for FSX, P3D Version 2 & FS9


     This new release contains a host of new features to make the product easier to install and use, and continues to upgrade FSCaptain towards a total package that enhances your favorite Flight Simulator into a fully realistic Aviation Simulator so you can have a taste of flying like the professionals do.
    The highlights of the new version are a fully authentic and detailed simulation of icing both on the ground and in the air, complete with through and realistic de-icing & anti-icing procedures for all size aircraft; plus a new way to interface with FSCaptain:  the FCDU as an external Windows application.  It's no longer necessary to make any modifications to any aircraft panels to use the product (but the traditional gauges are still fully supported.)
    FSCaptain has always been available in a fully functional and time unlimited trial mode. (Limited only by the airports available as a departure point for flights - KSEA, KPDX and KOLM.)
    But as a special introductory gift the entire FSCaptain Weather Hazard Package is available in the trial version and the Hazard Package will apply to all airports in the world for the duration of the upcoming solar season - in other words, all the way until March 21, 2014!  It is not necessary to make an FSCaptain revenue flight, or to modify any of your aircraft files.  Simply run the new external FCDU in Offline-Company mode on your desktop to experience the heightened realism FSCaptain will bring to your flying.  Experience the realistic consequences of thunderstorms over the Amazon...or the ice storms of Alaska... de-ice your aircraft when necessary or pay the price... all until the next equinox!
    Please visit the website for more detailed information or to try it for yourself.
    More details on the new features of release 1.5:
    * A simulation of icing, on ground and in air, is added to the Weather
      Hazards package.  Icing can no longer be ignored safely in the FS
      world when enhanced by FSCaptain.
    * Ground de-icing and anti-icing procedures are available at all of
      the world's cold-weather airports. 
    * A new external Windows application will interface fully to the FSCaptain
      system from your desktop, or from another computer with a properly
      configured SimConnect.  It's no longer necessary to install a gauge into
      an aircraft to use the FSCaptain dispatch system.
    * Compatibility with all major external weather engines - freeware and
      payware - have been updated and enhanced.
    * A large number of popular add-on aircraft have had their interfaces
      merged into the base product, and even more have new external interfaces
      written.  A custom interface allows FSCaptain to monitor the systems and
      environment of add-on aircraft beyond the normal facilities offered by
      default FS.  The Majestic Q400 is one of our Captains' favorite aircraft.
    * A new option allows airlines to specify (or have computed based on
      their reputation) their average load factors.  FSCaptain has been re-coded
      to support a yet-unannounced economic add-on.  In Q1 2014, those
      Captains who would like to see the profit-and-loss statements for their
      flights need to sharpen their spreadsheets....
    * The FSCaptain weather interfaces have been substantially upgraded and
      your flight dispatch will now provide much more up-to-date and pertinent
      weather information and warnings to enhance flight safety.
    * More enhancements large and small. The README on the website details all of them.

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