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    FSCloudPort Released For Aerofly FS 2.


    Web based application created by Spit40 Version 1.0 released today for Aerofly FS 2 flight simulator.

    FSCloudPort has been created as a free service to simplify the process of building airports for AeroFlyFS2 and also to easily share those airports with others via the cloud. After a 3 month period of development and testing there are already almost 700 airports across 100+ countries in FSCloudPort which you can download right now.

    These airports have a varying degree of complexity but are available today for downloading and use with Aerofly FS 2.  More airports are being added daily.

    This is a simple to use, point and shoot, or click and drag, add, modify, resize the runway surface, control towers, hangars, buildings, offices, static aircraft, etc.

    The average user can build a working airport anyplace in the world, upload it to the cloud, download it, install and use it in Aerofly FS2 less than 30 minutes.  Edits and updates can easily be added using a supplied inventory of 3D objects.  The kicker is that most of the Earth’s scenery still looks like pixel soup but, can be upgraded using the free GeoCoverter program provided by IPACS.

    This initial release includes runways with or without control towers, dozens of hangar models, large and small offices and buildings, and a generous choice of high quality static aircraft.  Unfortunately, runway numbers, taxiways and ramps are not available but, are expected to be available in a future upgrade.

    Of course, you must own a copy of Aerofly FS 2 and be a registered member of the Aerofly FS 2 forum to use this program and to use the inventory of airports.  More information can be found at FSCloudPort ,

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