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    FSCOCKPIT MCDU Driver Airbus X


    FSCOCKPIT has released their MCDU Driver for Aerosoft Airbus X FSX/P3D 1.X/P3D v2  
    This driver is intended to have the FSCOCKPIT MCDU (and in near future also ECAM PANEL, Throttle) working seamlessly with Aerosoft Airbus X
    -All buttons and indicators works and react like in real A320.
    - Available NEW "MCDU Flight Simulator Window FullScreenView" for use it and
    fit it in FSCOCKPIT MCDU screen.
    - MCDU Panel supported features work in Aerosoft Airbus X.
    - FSCOCKPIT MCDU Backlighting is configurable via UI .
    - Full Screen: MCDU Flight Simulator Window Custom View is fullscreen compatible
    •FSCOCKPIT MCDU Driver works with FSX or P3D v1/v2, with any aircraft Airbus X variants.
    • All kind of Multicore CPUs
    • Windows Vista 32 / Vista 64 / Win7 (32 bit / 64bit)
    • Net Framework 4  (or higher)



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