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    FSCockpit MiniOVH Driver For Airbus X Extended


    This is the first driver of a new series for the Airbus X Extended and FSCOCKPIT MINI OVERHEAD hardware module (MINIOVH).

    Airbus X A320 Extended now it is compatible with FSCOCKPIT MINIOVH! This is the first module of FSCOCKPIT compatible, they will continue to release Throttle and all overhead drivers for this fantastic Aerosoft Airbus X.

    Now with MiniOVH driver you ll fly using these features fully compatible with FSCOCKPIT MINIOVH hardware module:

    -Strobe Light switch

    -Nav and Logo light switch

    -Nose Light switch

    -Landing Light switch

    -RWY TURN OFF Light switch

    -Seat Belt switch

    -No Smoking switch

    -Dome Light

    -Emergency Exit Light Switch

    -APU pushbutton and led

    -Eng 1 and Eng 2 AntiIce pushbuttons and leds

    -Wing AntiIce pushbutton and led

    -Probe Heat pushbutton and led



    Aerosoft Airbus X Extended

    Microsoft .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X / Prepar3D


    For more details visit the Homepage.

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