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    FSDT New York JFK Version 2


    FSDT are pleased to announce the release of New York JFK Version 2, for Microsoft FSX and LM Prepar3D.


    100% Native FSX code, fully DX10 compatible.

    New ground layer using FSX materials and shaders, sharper textures.

    Extended photorealistic scenery outside the airport perimeter, with multiple

    seasons (Fall, Summer/Spring, Heavy Winter and Night).

    Custom Autogen in an area of about 115 square Km around the airport.

    All new taxiway layout updated to 2013 status.

    Vertical signs updated to 2013 status.

    New Terminal 4 added.

    3D Taxiway bridges and underpasses.

    Improved shading and Ambient Occlusion of buildings to ground.

    Removed all legacy FS8/FS9 code.

    Seasonal variations controlled with external Python code, for a reduced

    memory footprint (only 1 season is loaded at time).

    Canarsie "White Rabbit" approach light made as fully custom 3d lights.

    Added EMAS areas on runways 4R and 22L.

    Complete integration with GSX.


    The scenery is a new product that must be purchased separately from JFK, but

    existing users can upgrade to V2 with very favorable conditions, please have

    a look at this post on the "FSDT Promotions" section of the Forum how to get the upgrade price:.

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