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    FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 v. 6.4.3 for FSX/FS2004


    FSInventions announce the release of a new version of their add-on for FSX/ FS2004

    Features in version 6.4.3)




    Modifications to built-in 'Cessna 172 Detail Pack' to support use of A2A Simulations Accu-Sim c172 Trainer

    This popular new aircraft from A2A can now be flown in FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 with its built-in FSFlyingSchool Cessna 172 Detail Pack.



    Want to fly a flight like a PRO in the A2A c172 Trainer?

    This new version of FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 offers extra detailed treatment when flying this popular new airplane from A2A.

    Your instructor certainly knows the details of this aircraft and will expect the same from you!

    The product has the instructor reading Cessna 172 checklists to you, but what's more important is that he/she will be watching your performance and looking for those details that are so essential in a Cessna 172.

    In addition to FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013's detailed analysis of your flights, you'll hear extra advice and warnings all specific to the Cessna 172. Stall speeds, use of fuel pump, rate of climb, angle of climb, flap speeds, before takeoff procedures, fuel management, starting the engine, landing techniques and much more.



    Instructors report a lot more air traffic!


    You now have the option to ask your instructors to report more air traffic. Your instructors will announce air traffic at 3 times the usual lateral distance and twice the vertical distance.


    This is an option, as it can lead to a very talkative instructor near busy airports, but certainly keeps you informed and is a handy way to refine your traffic awareness skills. How good are you?


    Fun for plane spotters too!


    To switch to this mode, just tune your COM2 radio to 136.87 in flight.


    Why COM2? , testing the waters - using COM2 for various functions and would like to see what FSFlyingSchool pilots think!


    Owners of a registered copy of FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 can update to the new version for free. Others can download the free demo and try it all out!


    To find out more, watch movies, download free demos with no time limit, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool website.

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