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    FSFlyingSchool Pro 2017 Autopilot Tutor


    'Autopilot Tutor' add-on for FSFlyingSchool Pro 2017 for FSX/FS2004 has been Released
    FSInventions announces the expansion of their product line with an add-on for their Award Winning FSFlyingSchool for FSX and FS2004.
    Discounted upgrades are available for registered owners of any previous version.
    Free Demo of Autopilot Tutor Pack included in FSFlyingSchool PRO 2017 for FSX
    Autopilot plays a key part in modern aviation and a thorough knowledge of the Autopilot and its functions is an essential part of pilot studies. Now your chief instructor Mr Smith can help in FSX, FSXSE and FS2004.

    Free DEMO of this pack works at KGRB - Green Bay
    Try it out for free! Take as long as you like - there is no time limit!

    Interactive Autopilot advice is optional
    If you want to hear it, turn on the 'Monitor Autopilot' option at the Pilots Screen of FSFlyingSchool. You'll hear your instructor describing the Autopilot and giving instruction and advice on it, including:
    Speed hold
    Speed Selection
    Heading Hold
    Heading Selection
    Altitude Hold
    Altitude Selection
    Vertical Speed Selection
    Autopilot Master
    Approach Hold
    Back Course Hold
    NAV Hold

    Autopilot tutorial advice is optional
    If you want to hear this general advice, turn on the 'Autopilot Tips' option at the Settings Screen of FSFlyingSchool. Chief instructor Mr Smith will give you general instruction on the Autopilot unit and more when you are flying during quieter periods. In order to avoid these tips sounding repetitive, they are chosen randomly so you won't keep hearing the same advice each flight.

    Get ready to learn - here are some of the areas Mr Smith will explain to you:
    - Intersecting the ILS glideslope from below
    - How to slow down to a target speed
    - Disengaging autopilot (or not) before landing
    - Speed management required to keep on glideslope
    - Importance of correcting drifting heading indicator
    - Wasted turns through poor use of heading bug
    - Immediate firm control of aircraft after autopilot is disengaged
    - Disengaging autopilot if flight path is not right
    - ...and a lot more!
    To find out more, watch movies, download the free demo, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool Website 

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