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    FSFlyingSchool Pro Updates


    FSFlyingSchool announces the release of a new version of their add-on for FSX and FS2004, this latest version adds a "Help Me!" panic button, sometimes, things start to get a little out of control and we could all use some help way up there in the simulated skies.


    If you as the pilot think that things are getting out of control and you just cannot recover, a recovery may be possible by asking your instructor for emergency assistance via the new FSFS Pro "Help Me" panic button, if pressed when the aircraft is airborne, the instructor will immediately try to configure aircraft in an attempt to get things back under control.


    The "Help me" keystroke can be pressed as often as desired. we can't guarantee that your instructor will always be able to save the day, but if things are not too far out of control, he/she will certainly try!


    To find out more, watch movies, download a free demo, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool Website

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