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    FSFlyingSchool Pro v 5.8.6


    FSFlyingSchool announces the release of a new version of their add-on for FSX and FS2004 - With the new 'Pause IT!' feature, the pilot has the option to have FSFlyingSchool PRO automatically pause the flight in Flight Simulator when something occurs that the instructor judges to be important.


    The pilot has the option to have the pause occur on serious events and/or less serious events, so that the experience is at the level desired by the pilot.

    There is also an option to set the minimum period between pauses, so that the pilot's flights are not constantly interrupted.

    The 'Pause IT!' feature goes a long way toward drawing attention to specific areas the pilot may wish to master and as Flight Simulator is paused, the pilot has time to take careful note of what each issue was. Added to this is the display of the Flight Simulator keystroke necessary (if it exists) to correct the issue.

    The folks at FSFlyingSchool say that with the addition of the new 'Pause IT!' feature, FSFlyingSchool PRO has never worked harder to get pilots straightened up and flying right!


    To find out more, watch movies, download a free demo of this version, etc, just hop over to the FSFlyingSchool Website.

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