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    FsLaunchpad 2.12 For FSX & Prepar3D


    The latest version of FsLaunchpad corrects some bugs and adds some new features. Version 2 FSL provides the possibility to create a Google Earth file from flight plan and allow to see all airport information near your flight plan created with FSX, P3D, FS2004 or Plan-G. FSL includes all the 24490 airport's information from FSX. Inside each Google Earth popup includes links for weather from Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS), Runways, Courses, ILS, Radio Frequences, Time Zone, Altitude, Magnetic Varation and Airport's Information from wikipedia and finally if the current airport is available in the useful freewarescenery.com website.

    Finally If your Flight Simulator is slow to start because you have a lot of sceneries, FsLaunchpad (FSL) will help you. FSL allows to select your sceneries, load your addons and launch your FS in same time and easily with a responsive interface. With FSL your FS will be will be loaded up to 5 times more rapidly than if you load all your sceneries. Moreover you can manage your sceneries easily. Add, edit, delete and even move your scenes in a different directory . FSL User Interface is available in English and French.

    Visit the FsLaunchpad Homepage for videos and more information about FsLaunchpad.

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