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    FSPS Announces Sim Physics


    After almost a year of development and countless hours testing, Sim Physics X is here
    List of features:

    - Icing accumulation that occurs when you fly on actual icing conditions. Effects controls, drag, weight. Mastered by FSPS with the help or real time professional Pilots and after examining tons of scientific documentation!
    - Braking behavior in FSX corrected! Brakes get hotter during use, so performance in braking is affected. They also get colder, remember to leave the gear hanging a bit after takeoff following a rejected one !
    - Acceleration and braking in a runway now affected by Runway contamination , runway type, brakes temperature, rate of precipitation. Time to say "Reporting braking action poor" after an FSX landing and actually say the truth for the first time!
    - Anti-Skid feature for your aircraft! Main wheels will not block! Available now for all aircraft and not only for those expensive payware!
    - Integration of Runway Bumping Effect (released previously by FSPS) with enhanced logic for all 3 wheels and perfected precision of center line lighting.
    - Integration of 3D Real Cockpit Effects (released previously by FSPS) expanding the simulation of 3D Cockpit view to new levels, with more features compared to the stand alone version!
    - Sound Effects paired to every system simulated! Sounds for braking, touchdown, rolling, extension of gears, flaps, spoilers. Not a simple sound , but related to the airspeed!
    - Real Time Charts for crucial systems that are simulated by Sim Physics X.

    - Airport Information screen that represents numerous airport and runway data, plus a detailed weather data screen.
    - Aircraft Information screen that represents all crucial and integrated in Sim Physics X system feedback.

    and not to forget:
    Easy, step-by-step, Sim Physics X configurator.
    Next Generation button click, browser like, Application menu. You can never get lost in such a friendly environment.
    Multi unit display (Hybrid-Europe, US, Metric systems that you can choose from)
    All Sim Physics X subsystems can be turned on and off individually with one click , fully customizable settings menu.
    Application's auto update possibility.
    License Transfer automation. No need to contact support anymore if you want to install the program in a second (or the same updated) computer.
    70+ pages Highly Detailed PDF Manual.

    For more details visit the homepage.


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