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    FSREPAINT Version 2.25


    A new release of FSREPAINT - Flight Simulator Aircraft repainting tool (former Abacus FS Repaint) - is out.

    Version 2.25 brings several bug fixes and some new features, including the so requested support for 4096 x 4096 pixels textures and newer aircraft models (PBR).

    FSREPAINT is an easy-to-use software for changing the appearance of your FSIM aircraft. 

    Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martins'Prepar3D aircraft.

    In just a few minutes, you can dramatically transform the look of your Flight Simulator planes. With the simplicity of FSREPAINT, your fleet will be larger in no time at all.

    Whether you want to just change the shade of your favorite plane, add your own personalized logo to the tail or engage in a full-fledged "restoration" of an old classic, FSREPAINT will get the job done.

    FSREPAINT comes with all the necessary tools to modify the textures and apply them to your aircraft. As you make changes to the textures, the results are instantly displayed in vivid 3D, exactly as you’ll see them in the Flight Simulator. Working like this, you'll complete the repaint in record time.

    FSREPAINT has many unique features that make the repainting of your aircraft very easy and intuitive. Among them are:
     Real time visualization of the 3D model as you repaint.
     Up to four 3D windows for simultaneous views of the aircraft from different points of view.
     Feature-rich built-in texture editor.
     Support for several major external editors, for those of you who don’t want to use the built-in editor.
     Ability to visualize the model in day and night conditions.
     Texture format and size conversion.

    You can download  the demonstration version or purchase FSREPAINT from the Official Program's Website :

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