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  • FSX Booster 2013 Released


    Do you have a brand new computer that you want to run faster for Flight Simulator X? Do you want to put the maximum speed in your system and feel like its blazing fast? Then FSX Booster 2013 is for you!


    FSX Booster 2013 can do this and even more for every single system. The best part is – each and every system is analyzed to know exactly what tweaks should be applied. This way you know that you’ll receive the most complete package which is specifically catered to you.


    If you thought your PC was fast before, try out FSX Booster 2013.


    Many people have wondered what they can do to make Flight Simulator X to run better. There’s one simple answer to that problem. Use FSX Booster 2013. You’ll believe us once you see the even more incredible speeds it can bring you to.


    If you have a gaming PC that is almost seemingly maxed out, try it out. If you have an amazing video editing computer that just can’t be upgraded any further, try it out. If you just have an average, everyday computer, try us out! I couldn’t believe how effective the tweaks were that were used to help my system.


    You won’t be disappointed. FSX Booster 2013 configures the system for you! All the work is done on the backend, so you the user doesn’t have to fiddle with it. If the user does want to, they can!


    The program allows tweaks to be allowed from even the user’s side of the program. FSX Booster 2013 is very effective for every user and system. With seemingly one download, you can change the way your PC will run, and change the way Flight Simulator will run for you.


    Flight Simulator X will run the absolute best once you use this program.


    • Extra Frames from 30% up to 200%

    • Ultimate smoothness.

    • Blurries Elimination

    • Stutters Elimination

    • Fibers speed increase

    • Terrain textures speed control

    • Extra Lod Radius

    • Control of High Definition Textures

    • FSX messages control

    • Hyper Threads CPU’s control

    • FSX Process Priority control

    • FSX Process turbo control

    • Windows Aero Fix

    • Backup of original fsx.cfg file

    • Free updates



    Minimum Requirements:

    •Windows: XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 – 32 or 64 bit

    •256Mb RAM

    •Flight Simulator X – Service pack 2 or Acceleration pack

    •Mircosoft's NET Framework 3.5 and above

    •Latest Version of FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. (Registered or unregistered)

    •Direct X 9 or later installed

    •Up and running internet connection for activation of the product.

    •PDF viewer application for reading the manual.


    Update Offer: If you previously purchased FSPS - FSX BOOSTER V4 from the FSPS website, you are entitled to the special upgrade price . NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version.


    Visit the FSPS Homepage for further information.

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