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    FSX Scenery Config ToolBox


    Utility developer TweakFS has released a free tool designed to handle the FSX scenery.cfg file. The FSX Scenery Config ToolBox is handy for adding scenery areas, re-ordering the scenery areas sequentially if they become jumbled up and allows you to analyse your FSX installation by graphically displaying the number of files or how much space is being taken up. It includes a code editor with syntax highlighting for those who want to perform manual editing and has full backup/restore for safe handling of this important configuration file.


    The main functions include:

    Enable/disable scenery areas

    Edit scenery areas

    Apply exclude switches

    Quick links to scenery folders

    Fix scenery layer order

    Code editor for scenery.cfg

    Backup/restore scenery.cfg

    Export to text, html, CSV or Word

    Analyze FSX folders


    For details please see the TweakFS News Page

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