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  • FSXAssist From SkyPilot Software


    SkyPilot Software has announced its FSX loading and configuration tool, FSXAssist is now available!


    FSXAssist is a fun / flexible FSX tweaking and configuration tool that is designed to help novice and advance users to get the best performance out of FSX.



    FSXAssist provides 4 core functions. First and foremost FSXAssist is an FSX loader program providing for a flexible way to run FSX and any addon applications. Second, FSXAssist provides a way to dynamically set Affinity Masks (core usage) and OS priorities between FSX and any addon applications. Third, with FSXAssist you have a simple way to assign the most common FSX settings that have the most effect on performance and finally, with FSXAssist you have a great tool for testing to achieve the best FSX configuration for your system. The best part is when you have found your best settings they can be used every time you run FSX!


    Visit SkyPilot Software to get your Donationware copy of FSXAssist and start enjoying FSX the way it was meant to be run - optimized for your system configuration!

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