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    Global Air Traffic Control Released


    Global Air Traffic Control  (GATC) is a standalone simulation of the task of Tower, Approach and Departure controllers. What sets it apart from every other ATC simulation is that it is global, it covers all the major airports in the whole world with literally unprecedented detail. It uses the same (licensed) database as the majority or airliners so for each of the nearly 14.000 airports you will guide aircraft over the correct routing and procedures. And the aircraft you guide will fly as they should and they will be the right type and the right airline for that airport.

    GATC is created with shared user created content in mind. You can edit virtually every part of the simulator. If you feel B747’s should climb faster you can edit the aircraft file. If your favourite airline buys a new aircraft type you can add it. If there is an airline missing you like you can add it in minutes. And of course sharing these files will make the simulation better for all users.


    Close to 14.000 airports with all runways, SIDs, STARs, Arrivals, waypoints (including restrictions)
    100 Airlines (expanding every day) with correct destinations and aircraft types
    80 Aircraft types that all fly realistic (speeds, turning rates, climb and descend rates etc)
    Updatable navigation database (NavDataPro)
    All aspects of the simulator user editable, users are expressly invited to share content Scenarios
    Real Time weather (requires online connection)
    Win 7 and 8 touch interface
    Control aircraft with mouse or text interface
    MultiPlayer mode via LAN possible
    Fully functional demo version of Global Air Traffic Control

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