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    GSX for MSFS--Released

    Bob Scott

    FSDreamteam has released the MSFS version of its popular ground services add-on GSX.  GSX improves many ground services, including pushback, catering, refueling, baggage loading and marshalling, and adds a host of new services not available by default, such as animated passengers, cargo loading for both passenger and cargo aircraft, follow-me guidance, towbar pushback, de-icing, pit refueling, walk-in gates, VGDS docking and more.

    More details and purchase information available at http://www.fsdreamteam.com/products_gsxpro.html


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    Can anyone out there provide me with fuel burn rates (#/hour) for a B777-300ER (GE90-115B) during climbout, cruise at FL320 at 485 KIAS and 495 KIAS, and descent. Thanks, Stew

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