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    Harris Hill From Vario Design


    Located on a hill (the "Harris Hill"), the terrain was initially created to facilitate winch launched takeoffs frequently used during the second half of the 20th Century. One historic winch truck is even still preserved in the museum. Now takeoffs are done by towing with the help of a Pawnee (PA-25) dedicated for this purpose. Over the years, the terrain has evolved according to its use. Indeed, the first takeoffs on Harris Hill were organized by the US Navy experimenting the first non-motorized flights during the beginning of the 20th century.


    Private pilots converted the runway to concrete in 1969 and some buildings have been renovated including the famous museum.


     The Harris Hill Soaring Corporation Scenery features :

     - A high resolution 30cm / pixel photoground including the airfield and surroundings

    - Ultra-detailed 3D buildings with 4K textures (original images taken at Harris hill before being reworked)

    - Varied vegetation objects with lawn, trees, bushes and others.

    - Various vehicles with static gliders and American cars.

    - Night textures

    - 100% compatible with Orbx products,

    - Made to be FPS Friendly (No impact noticed compared to default scenery)

    Visit the Vario-Design Harris Hill   Homepage for further details

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