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    Historic Jetliners Group Summer Update


    The Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) has  announced its 3rd website update for the 2013 year with a flightline of the following 24 new summer releases.
    These include .....
    - 4 textures for its own B707-320B ADVC, B707-320C, and B720-B aircraft.
    - 9 textures for VISTALINERS B727-100, B727-200, and B727-200ADV aircraft .... currently hosted by HJG with consent.
    - 4 textures for HJG's own DC8-50, DC8-62, DC8-63, and DC8-71 aircraft,
    - 2 textures for its own DC9-10 and DC9-30 aircraft
    - And a selection of 4 textures for HJG's own MD83 and MD90-30 aircraft.
    These 24 new textures join HJG's extensive virtual flightline of other classic/historic B367-80, B707, B720, B727, BAe 146/ARJ (by Repaints NZ), C/KC135, CV880, CV990, CARAVELLE (by AFG), CONCORDE (by FS France team) DC8, DC9, L1011 TRISTAR, and MD80/90 aircraft .... and which are also supported a huge variety of high quality panels, soundpacks, effects, and FDE tailored especially for each particular aircraft type simulation for FS2004 .... by far the majority of which are also compatible with FSX.
    Please refer to the HJG Forum for further/specific information ....
    "IF" one has not, yet, flown an HJG simulation .then one is definitely missing out a large large slice of some the very best virtual classic jetliner "FREEWARE" currently available for MSFS.

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