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    Historic Jetliners Group Website Xmas Updates


    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) take great pleasure announcing its Christmas releases .... the groups 6th website update for the 2017 year during which it has released well over 300 new and upgraded files.
    It's customry for HJG to conclude each calendar year with a major website update composed of either an abundance of product or a new release .... or even surprise or two.
    This year and as part of its Christmas website update the group is doing all of the above .... as follows :-
    (1)  "NEW" B737-300, B737-400, and B737-500 models have been released after precisely a tear in development .... supported by more than 70 high quality textures featuring operators from all corners of the globe; Customized FDE; And authentic "NEW" CFM-56 soundpacks by Benoit PLAMONDON.
    (2) An impressive "NEW" simulation of the AMD MERCURE 100 by Mario NORIEGA has also been released following more than 2 years of development work .... supported by superbly featured 2D and VC panels; 8 textures representing each livery ever supported by this classic French jetliner; Customized FDE; And an authentic "NEW" P&W JT8D soundpack also by Benoit PLAMONDON.  
    BUT .... HJG's news of Christmas spirit and cheer doesn't end there :)
    Also included within this release are "upgraded textures" for DC-8-55F .... featuring the classic late 60's/early 70's colour schemes of both Dutch and US carriers; A DC-9-15 resplendent in the identity of a premier Seattle based US football team; AND .... a selection of DC-10-30's in the liveries of no longer existent but historic French operators .... including an impressive hybrid liveried logo-jet .... and 3 aircraft once operated on behalf of the national carrier of a major Caribbean nation.
    This HJG Christmas website update is composed of over 100 files.
    For more information concerning these latest releases please refer to the following official announcement :-
    "ALL THIS" and "A GREAT DEAL MORE" .... may be downloaded "FREE" .... from the HJG website at the following address :-
    In addition to the content of this Christmas website update HJG has, since August, also released 2 other "not externally announced" website updates featuring yet more "new" release and "upgraded" textures for its classic B707, B720, B727, CARAVELLE, CV-880, CV-990, CONCORDE, DC-8, DC-8, DC-10, L-1011, and MD-80/90 virtual flightline for MSFS :-
    Work continues advancig on other "NEW" HJG projects slotted for 2018 release.
    HJG thanks everyone for their much appreciated support and encouragement throughout this 2017 FS year .... and takes this opportunity to wish everyone "a happy Christmas and pleasant transition into 2018" ;)
    HJG/Historic Jetliners Group
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Bogota DC, Republica de Colombia

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    Excited to hear about the B300 and B500 but the article, or even the website, does not state what platforms these will run on.  Will they work in P3Dv4?

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    HJG are predominantly an FS2004 based website though most of it's products (barring a few) are FSX portable, but, it does not design for the P3D platform. In the case of these new B733/4/5 models they are indeed FSX portable but their forward air stairs animation (based on the FS2004 CONCORDE visor commands .... which are different in FSX) will not work in FSX. This (and a great deal more) is actually covered within the groups forum based online manual for these new B733/4/5 simulations ;)




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    Time and opportunity have been in HJG's favor lately .... and it's for this reason the group's been able to add the following additional textures for its "NEW" B737-300/400/500 project since it was recently realeased for Christmas .... 


    - ADAM AIR 2007
    - CANADIAN NOTHY (CFK logo jet hybrid) 2015
    - DELTA AIR LINES 1987


    - SKYSERVICE 2017

    For more informationm concerning these latest and additional texture releases .... and groups "NEW" HJG B737-300/400/500 project generally .... along with its "NEW" and recently released MERCURE 100 project (by NOrIEGA DESIGNS) also .... kindly refer to the following HJG forum linked announcement/s  


    Mark C

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