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    HJG Christmas 2016 Website Update


    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have announced their December/Christmas website update .... the groups 11th during this 2016 year.


    Featured within this update is Benoit PLAMONDON´s newest audio project .... composed of 22 "EXTREMLY HIGH QUALITY" DC-8 soundpacks .... recreating the voice of the DC-8 through all of its various marques .... b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y recapturing the clssic startup "howl" and unsupressed "roar" of the earliest P&W turbojet powered DC-8´s, the unique "scream" of the first RR fanjet powered DC-8-40´s and loud "rasp" of the later P&W fanjet pòwered DC-8-50´s and -60´s, along with the unmistakeable modern turbine "growl" of the CFM re-engined SUPER 70´s DC-8´s also .... each meticulously fine-tuned so as to positively assault ones senses and to the extent that the only missing ingredients are the smell of jet fuel and the feel of warm engine jet blast air :)


    Here are some audio-visual presentations of these superb new soundpacks :-






























    Each of these new soundpacks have been released as separate FS2004 and FSX specific audio .... the FSX version of these new soundpacks taking advantage of the superior audio engine provided within this particular FS version.


    Also accompanying this HJG DC-8 audio upgrade is an enhanced "DC-8 PANEL GAUGES/CORE FILES" package .... "VERSION 1.5" .... for use with HJG´s entire range of 15 DC-8 panels. Both this enhanced file, the panels, along with each of these new soundpacks too, are designed to interact with one-another so as to generate a truly impressive, as well as very authentic, DC-8 audio experience .... the like of which has not previously been developed for FS and will possibly remain unsurpassed for quite some time to come.




    AND THAT´S NOT ALL .... :)




    Just added to HJG´s already extensive, and constantly explanding, flightline are new textures .... featuring both the late 1980´s and current identity of a Canadian PAX/freight operator for the B727-200, -200 ADV, and -200 ADV WL .... DC-8-50 liveries for 2 long-gone Canadian tourist charter operators of the late 1980´s/early 1990´s .... and a selection of colour schemes representing Eastern European, Italian, Spanish, and Nordic operators of MD-80/90 aircraft covering the late 1990´s era until relatively recent times.


    For further information concerning these latest HJG releases please refer to the above-linked audio-visual presentations .... and the following HJG forum announcement :-








    BUT STILL .... THERE´s MORE .... :)




    Since July HJG have released 4 other web site updates which (due to the imposition of personal time restrictions) have "NOT" been publicly announced beyond the HJG forum. These updates have seen the release of an extensive number of new textures for HJG´s B707, B727, B717-200, cARAVELLE, DC-10, and MD-80 simulations .... featuring new textures representing the identities of operators from all 4 corners of the globe .... among which both past, present, and any number of lesser/known as well as interesting hybrid liveries are included. For further information regarding these pevious updrte please refer to the following-linked HJG forum announcements :-




    July (X2)




















    HJG also take this opportunity to remind folk in regard to its following recent major developments and releases of earlier this year :-




    1. During March the entire HJG DC-8 flightline was re-released (the first stage of todays DC-8 audio update), and further expanded, supported by new/superior FDE files .... and also including new DC-8-20F/-30F/and -40F models featuring animated cargo doors ....






    2. New and "EXTREMLY HIGH QUALITY" B727 soundpacks were also released during March (another project by Benoit PLAMONDON) .... again featuring separate FS2004 and FSX-specific P&W JT8D-7, P&W JT8D-9, and P&W JT8D-17 audio .... along with a separate and equally impressive AI-specific audio project especially for the B727 and FSX use. A new B727 PANEL GAUGES/CORE FILES package .... "VERSION 2.2" .... featuring further enhanced panel/gauge audio for each of HJG's current range of 11 B727 panels was also released during March and which is intended to be used in conjunction with HJG´s B727 aircraft base packs, panels, and these new soundpacks also ....




    For further Information concerning each of these earlier developments please refer to the above-linked HJG forum announcements following each statement.


    "ALL" of the above new, and upgraded, files are now available for "FREE" downloading from the following web site address :-








    Work continues to advance on a number of new/developing HJG projects slotted for 2017 release.


    HJG take this opportunity to thank the international FS community for its much appreciated support and encouragement throughout 2016 .... and wish everyone a pleasant Christmas, a happy transition into 2017, along with a successful and prosperous New Year also.






    Bogota DC, Republica De Colombia

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