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  • HJG September Website Update


    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have pleasure announcing its 3rd website update for 2021 and the groups 21st year of service to the FS community.

    This latest release is composed of some 92 "NEW" textures for its virtual ARJ/BAe 146, B707, B727, B737, C-135, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011 TRISTAR, and MD-80 flight line (for FS2004 and FSX) .... featuring aircraft from Africa, Australia, Austria, England (and both Wales and the Channel Islands), Finland, Germany, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA (and Hawaii), and former Yugoslavia .... representing PAX/freight, government/VIP, and military subjects each resplendent in definitive period, recent/current, experimental, as well hybrid liveries, many of which represent some of the greatest as well as least known among classic/historic operators dating from the 1960's until the present day (a typically colourful HJG passage through time and aviation history) .... and among which yet another "Texture Easter Egg" is also included, in the form of an L-1011 TRISTAR 250, supporting the late 1980's identity of a major European operator and which is offered as a fictitious"WHAT IF" concept.

    BUT WAIT FOR IT .... there's more ....

    Due to a recent domain expiry HJG is also now hosting the entire DAVID MALTBY FLIGHT SIM inventory .... featuring the BAC ONE-ELEVEN 200/-300/-400/-500, DH 106 COMET III/-IIIB/-IV/-IVB/-IVC, HS121 TRIDENT 1E/-2E/-3B, VC10/SUPER VC10 and C1K .... along with their supporting Effects, Panels, and Sounds files. This
    flight line was added to the HJG inventory on "JULY 4TH 2021" per the following website update not announced outside the HJG forum

    All rights in regard to these DMFS simulations are retained by David MALTBY. HJG is hosting this flight line in order to ensure it remains publicly available
    and easily accessible to those whom seek to enjoy it .... or have yet to discover it. HJG will be further expanding the DMFS flight line by offering "its own" textures for these simulations (in addition to the original DMFS releases) .... the first of which, for both the BAC ONE ELEVEN's and TRIDENT's, have
    been released as part of this latest HJG website update.

    For further information concerning these latest HJG offerings please refer to today's following-linked forum announcement

    HJG is located at the following web site address:.simviation.com

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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