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  • Ideal Flight Professional for Prepar3D v4 Released


    Codelegend is proud to announce the release of Ideal Flight Professional for Prepar3d v4.  Exclusively for the P3D v4 64-bit platform, the software has gone through substantial changes to help facilitate P3D users currently and into the future.  Ideal Flight continues to use the same operational feature set, so previous users on different simulators will be able to bring over most user records and profile data in the new platform.


    Included in this new version, Ideal Flight improves route capabilities and the data handling has been extended to make routes from fsAerodata as well as several different AIRAC navigation database types, including the Prepar3D native data. Ideal Flight compares these data sets to produce the reliable data subset most useful to the chosen user aircraft within the current simulator scenery setup.  These features give the end user the most reliable routes and plans for use of the FMC and GPS systems in the FSX/P3D add-on market today.


    For more information, screenshots, and to download this great product, click the link

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