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    iFly 737NG 3.2.2 Update Released


    Flight One Software, in conjuction with the iFly development team, have released SP 3.2.2 for their iFly 737NG customers. SP 3.2.2 is the final update for the iFly 737NG aircraft range, and is for users of FS9, FSX/FSX-SE, FSX Pro(CBE), and P3Dv2.5. Customers who own P3D version 2 will be able to use their existing iFly 737NG key to install version 3.2.2 for P3Dv3. The update includes improvements and optimizations for smoother and more stable fps. ACARS RTE data and DES Forecast Wind requests are now added to the CDU. Flight model, Autopilot, ND RTE drawing, and some additional bug fixes are round out the additions and improvements done with this update. For more information, links to SP 3.2.2 updates, as well as instructions for installation can be found in the registered forum .

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