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    iFly 747-400 For Flight Simulator X / 2004


    iFly Jets: The 747-400 Released for Flight Simulator X / 2004

    After several thousands of man hours of development and working with well known 747 Captains and Engineers, Flight One Software and iFly Jets are proud to announce the release of the iFly Jets: The 747-400 for Flight Simulator X and 2004. The iFly Jets: 747-400 for Flight Simulator 2004 / FSX is one of the most advanced simulations ever brought to the Flight Simulator platform. iFly Jets has captured the “Queen of The Skies” like never before by providing users a high accuracy simulation of cockpit and flight systems that is chock full of features.

    In addition to Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 users will also be happy as the development team have discovered new techniques that were implemented in the FS2004 version of this aircraft to closely compare visually and functionally with its FSX counterpart, making it a premier expansion across both sim platforms.

    The iFly 747-400 puts sim pilots directly in the cockpit that features a fully functional Flight Management System (FMS), a Realistic Autopilot Flight Director System (AFDS) with Autothrottle, Terrain Display, Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), Cabin Pressurization full logic, Failures, Aural Alerts, Left and Right EFIS Simulation, Full TCAS Logic with traffic displayed on EHSI, plus much more.

    Active Sky Next users will be happy to see that the dev team has included support using the ASN API to create fully functional Weather Radar and Predictive Windshear Systems to help manage and react to weather situations more realistically.

    The Virtual Cockpit features High Quality 3D modeling with High Definition Textures. The animated Cockpit Gauges are functional and clickable throughout as well as the Animated Window Wipers, Window Shades, Flight Seats, and much more. Those who like flying red eye flights at night will enjoy the superb instrument lighting and windshield reflections as you fly under the canopy of stars to destinations around the world. 2D Panel fans will also be happy as the aircraft includes a beautifully designed 2D Panel Set for both standard and widescreen monitors.

    An exquisite exterior model with realistic control surfaces, doors, and high quality livery textures as well as CRT/LCD Display options, Interactive Configuration Manager, Detailed Tutorial and Operating Manual, Ground Support w/Pushback, programmable key assignments, and custom Turbine Sound Studio GE, RR, PW sound packages round out this feature filled aircraft that will make any user smile ear-to-ear.

    For more information, screenshots, and to purchase this remarkable aircraft, click the corresponding links below to download and purchase today!


    iFly FSX 747-400

    iFly FS9 747-400 


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